Copper Pot Still (14L)

R 4900,00

Andries Kluyts, Star Nation's resident metalsmith, handcrafts these robust artisinal 14 litre stove top copper stills. These are typically made for smaller distilleries, as they can only distill one batch at a time. The built in infusion bucket makes this still perfect for distilling essential oils and gin.

The copper in pot stills neutralise the sulfur compounds found in the fermented alcohol base to create a rich and robust flavor with a pleasant and enticing aroma. Copper is definitely the better choice for products like Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, Scotch, and traditional Rum, because of the sulfur reduction, as mentioned above. These spirits are also most commonly distilled in pot stills (no reflux), which allows for lots of flavor to come through from the wash.

The price of our 14L copper pot still includes Postnet to Postnet delivery.

  • All copper construction
  • Convenient stove top size
  • Consists of boiler vessel for batches up to 14 litres
  • Short column infusion basket
  • Cap assembly with thermal well and take-off
  • Themometer included
  • High efficiency counter flow cooler with swirl pate and angled connector
  • Shipped in a convenient durable bucket


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