Star Nation is a Native American myth or if you prefer to believe what we believe, a lifestyle. The story goes that we are all part of the big star nation out there, we are made from stardust, we are connected to all life and when we die we become stardust again.

For us the name means that living a creative lifestyle and living our dream and passion is our way to acknowledge and respect life. Creativity helps to connect people, it brings out the best in us, it is what we leave behind, our art.

star nation art studio and gallery in heidelberg

This special, unique place we call Star Nation Art Studio & Gallery has always been part of the dream that we built together, to create a space where people can feel connected to life through creativity. You walk into a creative space where you can explore your creativity.

Star Nation Art Studio & Gallery is situated in the small town of Heidelberg, this is the ideal environment for a creative lifestyle. Rural, less traffic, more open spaces and the luxury to live where you work. As artist we like to stay in an environment where we can cocoon and where ideas can have the chance to blossom into fruition at their own pace.

Cats, chickens, children, life happens at the studio. The studio is also a place of inspiration for visitors and forms a central hub for creative activity in our area.

star nation art studio and gallery in heidelberg western cape


Louise’s presentation reflects an in depth knowledge of art and various art mediums. She is self-assured and well prepared. Louise supports and motivates you throughout the course, she inspires both beginner and advanced artists to grow their potential.

Mandie Crous - Art Curator

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11A Van Riebeeck Street
Western Cape