Canola Fields

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I live in Heidelberg and right around me throughout the year there are certain epic natural events. Canola season is one of those epic events, my world turns yellow and I literally soak up the yellow for hours on end.

In this course I share the inspiration these bright and rolling fields conjure up in me. You will explore how levels work in a landscape, how to create depth and how warm and cold colours contribute to these.

This course covers prelimanary sketches and four different methods and paint techniques. You can use either oils or acrylics.

Topics Covered in this course

  1. Composition - drawing class
  2. Photos, how to use them and copyrights
  3. Perspective - drawing class
  4. Atmospheric perspective - drawing class
  5. Tones and levels
  6. Colour mixing
  7. Underpainting, painting and finishing

What art supplies do I need for this course?

  1. Oil or acrylic paints
  2. Artist’s paint brushes
  3. Palet knifes - small and medium
  4. A3 canvas or backing board
  5. A3 Paper
  6. Charcoal sticks and pencil
  7. Artists turpentine

List of colours used

  1. Lemon Yello (Cadmium)
  2. Yellow
  3. Deep Yellow (Cadmium)
  4. Titanium White
  5. Ultramarine Blue
  6. Cadmium Light Red


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Louise’s presentation reflects an in depth knowledge of art and various art mediums. She is self-assured and well prepared. Louise supports and motivates you throughout the course, she inspires both beginner and advanced artists to grow their potential.

Mandie Crous - Art Curator

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