21 Day Find your Inspiration

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This workshop is available in English and Afrikaans.

Discover the flow of inspiration in your life during this 21 day guided workshop, suitable for both beginner and established artists. Learn more about yourself, what inspires you and how to express your emotions on paper.

The workshop includes a daily video tutorial, quote of the day and journaling prompts for self-reflection. Although a variety of mediums are used (pencils, charcoal, watercolours, soft pastels and oil pastels) you are free to use your preferred medium for any or all of the modules.

The process is effective for both young and old and is especially helpful for those experiencing blocked creativity. You will learn a new art principle or technique in every module, the whole process is very instructive.

The workshop is available on Telegram and can be downloaded in its entirety so that you can work through the 21 modules on your own time. It is also entirely up to you whether you would like to receive feedback and support from Louise during the process.

Topics Covered in this course

  1. Composition (The Golden Ratio)
  2. Focal point
  3. Use of forms
  4. Emotion in art
  5. Colour and emotions
  6. Shadows
  7. Free flow experimentation
  8. Perspective
  9. Use of pattern

What art supplies do I need for this course?

  1. Pencils - graphite and coloured
  2. Kokis
  3. Pastel sticks
  4. Wax crayons
  5. Eraser and pencil sharpner
  6. Paper, the bigger the better
  7. Scissors
  8. Magazines, newspaper and coloured paper
  9. Water colour paints, or food colouring or even kids paints


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Louiseā€™s presentation reflects an in depth knowledge of art and various art mediums. She is self-assured and well prepared. Louise supports and motivates you throughout the course, she inspires both beginner and advanced artists to grow their potential.

Mandie Crous - Art Curator

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